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Set your own keywords for your listings to add better SEO for your listing.


Backlinks are important for everyone. By adding a backlink in your listing, you increase the chances of our page being found as well as your own in Google.


Your clients can leave you a review of your business to let you know how their experience was.

Activity Report

Your account comes equipped with analytics to track your viewers and potential leads.


Want to run a sale? Create a custom deal that your clients can take advantage of right from your listing!


Upload video to your listing to give your audience a more personalized touch.


Each listings is equipped with Google Maps so your clients know where to find you.


Add a custom image gallery to showcase your services and products!

Track your listing with a personalized dashboard.


Create a deal

Create a new promotion for your clients to take advantage of!  Add SEO for google rankings and even create custom conditions for your promotions! You can create up to 3 deals at a time.

Create a Banner Ad

Want to increase traffic on a new level? Consider taking advantage of a banner ad! Multiple sizes and placements are available.

Track clients with analytics

View your total viewers and potential leads directly on your personalized dashboard!

Boost your business by creating customized promotions!

  • Choose a start and end date with a live countdown ticker

  • Choose a fixed discount or percentage

  • Add custom conditions to your deal

  • Add a custom cover image to showcase your promotion

  • Set a specific number of coupons that can be redeemed

Earn awards that help your clients know you're the real deal, no matter which package you choose!

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